Radon reduction systems are designed to reduce the levels of indoor radon in a home.

There are various concepts used to achieve this end. The most common system is called Active Soil Depressurization (ASD).


Properly installing ASD systems requires knowledgeable technicians and proper diagnostic testing. An effective ASD system requires a good pressure field beneath the slab. The quality of the pressure field can vary depending upon what type of sub-slab aggregate exists, whether an intermediate footer is in place, or how well cracks have been sealed. The quality of sub-slab communication is determined with the use of Pressure Field Extension testing.

Radon removal through Active Soil Depressurization

At Radon Remedies, we determine which system is optimal for your home and custom design it to achieve acceptable indoor radon concentrations using the least intrusive means possible. We can propose various designs and costs when providing our clients with an estimate.


Each system includes a complimentary follow up test to ensure it is functioning as intended. This is considered a preliminary test only, and we encourage our clients to obtain an objective test from a third party, or use a passive monitoring device (available upon request) to ensure the system is effective to their standards.

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